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Punk legend, former Sex Pistols front man, and current PiL front man John Lydon aka Johnny Rotten has spoken up against UKIP in a new interview with NME. He gave a state of the nation ‘King’s Speech’ in the Christmas issue of the NME, pointing out that they are a very confusing party that do not make clear intentions about their policies, and that they aim to manipulate the disenfranchised feeling of an older generation to gain votes.


Lydon doesn’t believe that they are a real political threat, saying that, “I don’t think Ukip are dangerous, but their message is deliberately jumbled, and therefore creating confusion. You don’t know what you’ll get if that lot get in. They’re just as power-hungry as the rest of them”. He also discusses the party’sstance on immigration, adding that “their talk about immigration is subdued racism, and that’s unfortunate because it’s an important issue. Immigration: is there a cap on it or isn’t there? Is it really a free-for-all? What is the NHS and is it strictly for the citizens of said country? People are confused, and they get drawn into headline-mongering. It really bloody annoys me“.


He goes on to state that people need to use their common sense, do as much self educating as possible about the party, and to keep away from media headlines, unless we’re willing to read between them. Remember people, anger is an energy, you’ve just got to know how to use it. NME’s Christmas issue is on newstands now and available online here.



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