John Oliver Hits Back At Donald Trump On ‘Last Week Tonight’ | TV News

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John Oliver Hits Back At Donald Trump On ‘Last Week Tonight’ | TV News



I begin by saying this is a must watch. Satire comedy at it’s finest.


For those of you who aren’t familiar with John Oliver’s work, he is a satire comedian who rose to fame on the first two series of Mock The Week in the UK and now has his own show on HBO in America. In this episode, number 3 of the third series, we see John Oliver finally focus on the world’s current hot topic, Donald Trump.


This ‘American Roast’ style speech on Donald Trump, or Donald Drumpf as he is now called, was extremely witty, positively subversive and would even make pro Drumpf fans consider turning their heads towards Marco Rubio or Ted Cruz’s altogether more grounded political plans.


Oliver’s barrage of comments were thrown in Trumps direction after Trump recently tweeted ‘No thanks’ to an invite received by Oliver, to what Trump considers a show that’s a ‘waste of time and energy.’  John Oliver replies in the best way he knows how, through using his platform, in this case ‘Last Week Tonight’, and his laugh out loud satire to rebrand Donald Trump in the eyes of the American public, and he certainly succeeds.


His speech is already going viral in the States and online, but in the UK we can catch it on Sky Atlantic this Thursday night March 3, at 11.55pm.  If you have work in the morning I suggested adding this one to your planner because it is already becoming the talk of the week. Alternatively you can watch the full speech below:


If you happen to be part of the pro Donald Drumpf contingent, and you’re wondering why his name has changed in the papers all of a sudden, I recommend giving this a watch. I certainly look forward to the next Republican candidates reply to this almighty speech. Watch this space (or his Twitter account). For more information, tweet #makedonalddrumpfagain or visit


“Donald Trump can seem appealing until you take a closer look.  Much like a lunch buffet at a strip club. Or the NFL. Or having a pet chimpanzee”. – John Oliver



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