John Travolta’s Passion Project ‘Gotti’ Gets Whacked By Critics | Film News


Mobster biopic of New York crime boss John Gotti, starring John Travolta and directed by Kevin Connolly, just reached cinemas and has already achieved the rare distinction of getting a 0% rating on reviews aggregator Rotten Tomatoes, with people describing Gotti as “a disaster“, the “worst mob movie of all time“, or “a dismal mess“.


Many are the viewers who pointed out that John Travolta’s passion project tried to copy a few recognizable scenes from other gangster movies without adding any sort of discernible theme or cohesive narrative.


I’d rather wake up next to a severed horse head than ever watch Gotti again” stated one reviewer, referring to the iconic scene of The Godfather, while another declared “You might think this sounds hilariously bad. It must be so bad it’s kind of good, right? Wrong. Gotti is not remotely fun, even ironically“.


In reaction to the drama’s underperformance at the box office — Gotti earned only $1.7m (£1.3m) in North America in its opening weekend — the producers of the movie released an online message calling the critics “trolls behind the keyboard“.





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