Johnny Depp Defends Dior Sauvage Campaign From Cultural Appropriation Accusations | Politics


Johnny Depp has defended his latest Dior Sauvage campaign after critics ravaged the promotional video for racism and cultural appropriation about the Native American culture.


Last month, the teaser of Dior’s ‘We are the Land’ came under fire. It was an extract from a larger film directed by Jean-Baptiste Mondino.


The clips showed a woman wearing a wolf skin and a man dressed in traditional native American dancing around while Johnny Deep is playing guitar in the desert.


There was never — and how could there be or how would there be — any dishonorable (intent). The film was made with a great respect for the indigenous people not just of North America but all over the world. It’s a pity that people jumped the gun and made these objections. However, their objections are their objections”, Depp said


Apparently, many were upset by the visuals and the language used to illustrated the Savage Perfume, as some took it as an offense toward the Native American population. Since the online backlash, Dior has removed all traces of the initial trailer.


However, Dior collaborated with a nonprofit called The Americans for Indian Opportunity (AOI), who confirmed to have provided advice on “authentic inclusion of Native American images in the film promoting Depp’s signature perfume”.


The group which advocates for the rights of indigenous people said Deep was made an honorary citizen of the Comanche Nation in 2012.


There was need for authenticity and respect for the land and the nations that allowed us to shoot there. From the choice of location, wardrobe making, right down to casting and set design, AIO was involved,” Depp added.


Depp said Jean-Baptiste Mondino, would meet critics and those offended by it to resolve how to release the full project.



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