Johnny Galecki Tackles His Unhappiness Weirdly In ‘The Cleanse’ | Film Trailer


There is a new horror comedy coming this year and it stars our favorite The Big Bang Theory star Johnny Galecki. The Cleanse has a setting that seems a little bit too realistic with a humorous twist as ‘the cleanse’ doesn’t just release bad traumas and toxins. It brings out a lot more of a person. Well, it brings out a certain something, synonymous with Stranger Things‘ Dart.


The film itself is about a group of people that are unhappy with their lives. They take part in one of these trendy retreats not knowing what will happen or what to expect. They pretty quickly learn that their cleanse releases their toxins in a form they didn’t expect. A somehow real demon of their personal pain.



The film also stars Anna Friel, Oliver Platt, and Angelica Huston. It will be released in selected theaters and on Video On Demand on May 4.



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