JoJo Debuts First Ever ‘Tringle’ Release | New Music


The music industry saw history made yesterday with the release of its first tri-single or “tringle” release. Extremely talented noughties artist JoJo has made an astonishing comeback and boosted her album campaign by releasing three singles simultaneously, after signing a new deal with Atlantic Records last year. The first of three singles “Say Love” is a massive R&B ballad which is well written and predictably dramatic, however her voice is as polished and powerful as ever.


The second “Save My Soul” is very similar to the first, however slightly more up tempo and concentrates on not being able to say no in a toxic relationship, very well written. The third “When Love Hurts” is a pop/dance number that is synth heavy and is very much the ilk of most of today’s pop music.  The “Tringle” was available to stream in the UK from midnight. JoJo’s forthcoming album is set feature some heavyweight names from Pharrell to Sam Smith and even Mac Miller, so anticipation will certainly be electric up until its release. You can listen to the tracks below.




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