Joker – The Mainframe (Album Preview) | New Music


Electronic music producer Joker has released a teaser video for his upcoming second album, The Mainframe. To be released on February 16 via his own Kapsize imprint, the project is to feature the innovative and experimental ‘purple’ dubstep sound, which he made popular on classic tracks such as “Tron” and “Purple City”. The monster first single “Midnight” features vocal samples from Jennifer Lopez’s “Waiting For Tonight”, amongst signature Joker synths and massive bass.


Describing the album as having a ‘grimey, cinematic, R&B-ish’ feel, Joker stressed the importance of creating a cohesive body of work where all songs blend into each other. The tracklist contains features from Zak Abel (Joker is also producing his debut album), Sam Frank, as well as the winner of the Dutch X Factor, Rochelle. Check out the album sampler video below, and stream “Midnight” in full too.





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