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Introducing Indonesian 4-piece band Joko in Berlin, made up of Popo Fauza, Fran Rabit, Mellita Sarah, and Marlond Telvord, with their brand new single titled “Euphoria”. Released last Friday, December 13, and serving as the band’s fifth single, the single highlights “an essence of uplifting excitement” according to the band.


The song was written by Mellita and arranged by Popo, and it sees the band trying to channel the penchant for colors and musicality, in a bid to create an atmosphere of adventure and excitement, as the name suggests. Orchestrator Alvin Witarsa contributes lush strings to the song all the way from Prague, marking his second collaboration with Joko In Berlin.


The band was formed in 2016, and assimilating their Indonesian background and strong European influence, is how the band create music, and is also how they came up with their name, Joko In Berlin – the Japanese word Joko representing their location in Indonesia’s Java Island and Berlin of course representing their European leanings.


Expanding on how the band thrive today, Joko In Berlin say, “we started out as a statement of musical exploration not bound by boundaries and limitation. Forgetting and unlearning the concept of genre which restricts the passion to indulge in the deepest aspect of musical creativity; we synergized to overcome the challenge of adjusting and conjoining each of our musical ideals in order to create a unique sound that is Joko in Berlin“.


There is no word yet as to when a full project is coming from Joko In Berlin, but in the meantime, listen to “Euphoria” below.




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