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Just one of the many in-development Disney live-action remakes is Lilo & Stitch, a part of the batch of remakes of Disney’s modern catalogue which includes the recently released Mulan and the upcoming Hercules. While the film technically hasn’t been greenlit according to sources, the project has found a director, which indicates its development is moving in the right direction.


Jon M. Chu, the man behind the camera for Crazy Rich Asians and the upcoming screen adaptation of Lin-Manuel Miranda‘s In The Heights, has been hired to helm the film. Mike Van Waes has written the latest draft of the script, but a search for a new writer is underway. Dan Lin and Jonathan Eirich, who produced the recent Aladdin remake, will produce here as well.


The original Lilo & Stitch, released back in 2002, focused on marooned space alien named Stitch, little Hawaiian girl named Lilo, and their burgeoning friendship. It was a surprise sleeper hit and remains beloved to this day, and has spawned a few direct-to-video sequels and multiple animated TV shows.


It’s no surprise Disney is going down the remake route with the property, because just like all their other remakes, the original is still popular, the brand is still strong, and it’s pretty much easy money. The question will be whether the live-action Lilo & Stitch is being developed for a theatrical release or solely for Disney+.


Chu’s hiring isn’t a surprise. Not only has he quickly developed into a trusted hand for adaptations of already-popular IP – Crazy Rich Asians was a book, In The Heights was a musical – but he’s already got a working relationship with Disney, as he’s already committed to the upcoming Willow series on Disney+.


The Lilo & Stitch remake is still a ways away from release, but for better or worse, we do know that in a few years the one constant in life will be the glut of live-action Disney remakes.



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