Jonathan Groff And Mary J. Blige Join Netflix Mini-Series ‘Lost Ollie’ | Film News


Netflix has just announced the main cast for its upcoming four-part series Lost Ollie.


The series is inspired by the book Ollie’s Odyssey, written by renowned author and illustrator William Joyce. According to Netflix the series “tells the story of a lost toy on an epic adventure, searching across the country for the boy who lost him, and the story of the boy who lost more than a best friend”.


It’s been almost six months since Netflix announced this new series, we now know the cast will include Jonathan Groff, Mary J. Blige, Jake Johnson, Gina Rodriguez, Kesler Talbot and Tim Blake Nelson.


Jonathan Groff will play the main role of the lost toy rabbit named Ollie, while Kesler Talbot will play Ollie’s young owner Billy. Mary J. Blige will also play the role of a toy teddy bear named Rosy, while Tim Blake Nelson will play Zozo, a clown doll.


Rodriguez and Johnson will play the role of the parents of Ollie’s owner Billy.


Shannon Tindle is the creator and writer for the mini-series Lost Ollie, she is also an executive producer alongside other directors such as Peter Ramsey.


This new Netflix mini-series is being compared to the successful Toy Story saga.



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