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Jonwayne – Jump Shot | New Music



Jonwayne is born and raised in a town south east of Los Angeles and he had always a good ear about the hip hop and rap music of the time. He grew up hearing Busta Rhymes but also many other hip hop artists of the east coast music scene.


When he was in the age to drive a car, it came natural to him to go to many music production companies in L.A. to give them his demos and strangely enough after some time his dream came true , but it wasn’t a ones days achievement he had to earn his way being a music producer and experimenting with music and also writing his own rap songs. All of that came from within himself so it wasn’t a chore but something coming from his heart, so he just developed his love for that and eventually made it big in the music industry.


His latest release is a single called “Jump Shot” and it is a hip hop – rap song with electronic music sounds in it and rimes coming from his soul. Have a great time listening to its tempo and just enjoy the whole concept of its dynamic!




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