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Jordan Peele‘s Get Out was a huge success, both critically and at the box office – making $250 million on a measly $5 million budget – thus naturally Peele now pretty much has free reign to make whatever he wants. He has a first-look deal with Universal, and his next film already has a set release date: (tentatively) March 15, 2019.


However, we know very little thus far about the project. It’s been described as a ‘social thriller’, and it’s been rumoured that Peele wants to create a thematic trilogy of films mixing genre with social satire.


What we do know is that Peele and Universal have agreed to another deal: “Peele will also produce a wide range of titles for the studio, including several micro-budgeted projects on which he will partner with Get Out producer Jason Blum.


It’s all very exciting, and a deserved pay off for Peele who with Get Out became the first black writer-director to cross the $100 million domestically with their debut film, before the film briefly became the highest grossing film domestically directed by a black man, before F. Gary Gray reclaimed the record he had previously held (Straight Outta Compton) with the release of The Fate Of The Furious.


If Peele’s debut is anything to go by, we could be witnessing the rise of a new, evocative auteur and it’ll be incredibly exciting to watch his career grow. His deal with Universal alongside his already blossoming popularity should allow him to have full control and final cut over any film he wants to make. If he can top Get Out, look out.



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