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Jorge belongs to the new wave of Romanian artist, and he has provided to be a success right from the start. He started his career in 2003 winning the Popstar competition. He’s a multi talented artist as well an actor, composer and TV host.


In 2008, Jorge played Romeo in the Romeo and Juliette musical hosted by the Operetta House in Bucharest. This brought him several awards, with the ‘Best Romanian Musical’ in 2009 as one of the biggest. Then, he won the 2011-2012 Te cunosc de undeva TV show contest, and his TV show career started in 2013 by presenting the Romanian version of Got 2 Dance.


But right now, Jorge is working on his debut album because music is definitively his biggest passion. He released his latest single “Blind” on October 25. It’s a love song featuring Jorge’s strong voice over slow paced grooves. There are nostalgic vibes dressed up in a sensual note.


He said about it, “Blind came as a vow for relationships. It’s the positive way in a couple’s life. The story is simple, yet powerful: I’m choosing to be Blind from all the temptations out there, to ignore all the rumors and to keep the promises we’ve made to one another”.


The track is accompanied by a music video in which we can see Jorge walking along the Thames River, watch it below:




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