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José James has shared a groovy track to raise the heat up on the dancefloors right in the middle of winter. From jazz to soul pop infused with R&B elements, “Turn Me Up“ is the latest released single from the highly anticipated No Beginning No End 2 album, a sequel to his same titled 2013 album.


Often referred as the “jazz singer for the hip hop generation”, the artist has been exploring every genre possible in the last five years. As a result, he shared four albums, where he showcased his love for mixing different styles and bringing the golden days of jazz to the new age. Spend a Sunday morning with his easy listening discography and you will be surprised with indie rock, enticing ballads leading up to electric dance songs.


After having spent the latest couple of years being involved in the Bill Withers’ project Lean On Me, this genre blending genius decided it is time to continue the legacy of the album that made his name reach the charts. However, this time José James wants to break completely out of any leftover musical barriers by making an album full of worldwide collaborations like Hindi Zahra and Laura Myula. The aim of his concept is to connect every corner of the planet where No Beginning and No End exists.


Produced by his own Rainbow Blonde record label which he co-founded with Talia Billig, “Turn Me Up” can become the party starter of any boring gathering. His satin voice, touches every drum note in such a delicate way that brings goosebumps even to the tips of your toes. The funky rhythm has the same effect on your body as any 80s hit. Start with a clap or a snap and you are in the groove.


For all our US readers, we are in the happy position to inform you that Jose James will be touring next year from February 12 to May 9. As for the rest of us, we will have to wait patiently until March 6 to listen to his full album No Beginning No End 2.


For now get lost the groove here:



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