Josh Gad Joins Live-Action ‘Beauty and The Beast’ Cast As LeFou | Film News


With news about a Frozen sequel made official this week, Josh Gad will no doubt be getting ready to step back into the role of lovable snowman Olaf in the not so distant future. Before that however, Gad has another role lined up as he has been officially cast as chubby side-kick LeFou in Disney‘s live-action Beauty and The Beast remake.


Gad will be joining Emma Watson as she plays Belle and Dan Stevens who takes the role of the Beast. Gad will also be working alongside Luke Evans, who plays Gaston, as his dimwitted sidekick. With Bill Condon set to helm the project, sources say Condon is keen to stay absolutely faithful to the 1991 animated classic. This will no doubt be a mostly comedic affair for Gad as LeFou spends most of his time in the movie being struck by Gaston or falling over for his pleasure. With production set to begin this year, there’s no official release date for the flick yet.



Source: Joblo



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