Josh McGovern – The Devil Below Me | Music video


Brooding Brighton singer/songwriter Josh McGovern has released the video for his new single “The Devil Below Me”, the single is taken from his forthcoming EP. The video is full of emotion and follows the moving journey of a man addressing his past problems; capturing his guilt, repentance and heartbreak.


Speaking about the inspiration behind the music video the artist said:”I really wanted to make a video that would complement the story of the song. I guess it’s all about burying your past problems. The video was filmed and edited by my good friend and filmmaker Sam Shaw. It took five separate shoots to film because we were battling the English weather but it ended up being something that I’m really proud of.”


Josh McGovern’s vocal quality is impressive, his voice is so powerful and warm. This performance is vibrant and full of confidence. His voice perfectly transmits the pain and suffering that characterize the lyrics of the song. Josh McGovern is now on tour make sure to not miss him, while you are wetting you can watch the new music video for “The Devil Below Me” below.




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