Josh Tobias – You, Me And The City | New Music

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Josh Tobias – You, Me And The City | New Music


Written for his longtime girlfriend, “You, Me and the City” is so far the most personal single from Josh Tobias. Their love emerged during long subway rides in New York City, which has a lot of significance in their story.


That’s what this ballad is all about – him, her and the city. The song follows another of Josh’s romantic tracks titled “Summer Thing“, and it also contains some kind of feel-good ‘beachy’ vibe.


Josh is not stopping to expand the variety of styles in his music – originally he started as a funk artist and now includes more R&B, pop and electro sounds in his repertoire; he eventually will move on to country music as well.


His music is not very unexpected or extraordinary, but definitely honest and unique. That’s what Josh says about the new track: “I was a little nervous about releasing because I didn’t think people would connect to it, but it feels good releasing music that’s real and not just trying to fit into trends.” 


Isn’t it sweet to be so in love?


Listen to this soulful “You, Me and the City” below:




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