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With the upcoming Fantastic Four film undergoing great scrutiny from fans and critics even before it’s release, Superhero News ignited a fire stating that director Josh Trank and writer/producer Simon Kinberg came to a disagreement, which led to the latter bringing in a new director – Kingsman: The Secret ServiceMatthew Vaugh – to film the reshoots. So is this actually true, or is this just a fuelled rumour like most things?


Well, thankfully it is the latter, as Trank immediately took to the social web to dismiss any rumours of any reshoots for the upcoming comic-book adaptation for Twentieth Century Fox. Trank replied to a comment made by @SuperheroNewsCB saying, “Definitely not true. I haven’t even met MV in person, and there were no such test screenings“, also addressing rumours begun by Josh Wildling of “Hey Josh, not true. While MV has been very supportive, he’s never been to our set. There’s only been 1 director of FF2015. Me“.


With the first generation Fantastic Four starring the likes of Jessica Alba and Chris Evans, the revitalized film =will feature Miles Teller, Kate Mara, Michael B Jordan and Jamie Bell coming together as the new family. When travelling through dimensions in space, the united four obtain superhero powers that will see them fight villains like Doctor Doom, who is played by Toby Kebbel. Going by the tone of the trailer, it appears they have gone for the darker, grittier edge to the superhero comic, but the question is… Does every superhero film need to follow this grittier edge to be a success?



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