Josh Trank’s ‘Fonzo’ Cast Coming Together With Shooting Beginning Next Month | Film News

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Josh Trank’s ‘Fonzo’ Cast Coming Together With Shooting Beginning Next Month | Film News


Director Josh Trank hasn’t exactly had the greatest couple of years. After originally being hired to direct a standalone Star Wars film in 2014, he left the project less than a year later. While he said it was a personal decision, multiple outlets reported that he’d been dismissed because of issues during production of Fantastic Four, namely a lack of communication with producers.


Of course, Fantastic Four then turned out to be a disaster in its own right, with Trank blaming studio interference for the massive failure. Since then, fairly or not, Trank has had a bit of a black mark against his name in the industry, so it’s good news to hear that his next film, Fonzo, is going ahead and will begin filming next month.


The film is a new take on the story of Al Capone, and already has Tom Hardy lined up for the lead role. Now, the film had added a bunch of exciting actors: Kyle MacLachlan, Linda Cardellini, Matt Dillon and Kathrine Narducci have all joined the cast. MacLachlan will play Hardy’s doctor, Dillon his best friend, with Cardellini as Capone’s wife and Narducci as one of his sisters.


That’s a great cast for a potentially fascinating film. Trank’s debut feature Chronicle was a genuinely clever deconstruction of the superhero genre, so if he can create an equally compelling new vision of the classic Capone tale, we could be in for something special here.


Fonzo doesn’t currently have a release date, but is expected to arrive in cinemas sometime in 2018.



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