Joss Whedon May Choose A Lesser-Known Actress For ‘Batgirl’ | Film News


The world lost its marbles three weeks ago when Joss Whedon announced plans to exchange vibranium shields for a more classic look in the form of a Batgirl movie! “It is a little early to tease anything besides the existence of it,” Whedon recently told Entertainment Weekly, but at the Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 premiere, he generously shared his hopes for the project.


In contrast to how large the franchise is, Whedon seems to be keeping his fingers crossed for an unknown actress to take the lead role.


I don’t have my eye on anybody,” he admitted. “I’m creating this character, I’m in a dialogue with her, and then we’ll see who joins that later on. I doubt it’ll be a name. I think this is somewhere where you go and find Batgirl and then you cast her.


I’m not against movie stars, they’re great, but you need somebody who’s going to be just right,” he continued. “And in a situation like this, the name carries a lot of weight, so it’s not as critical”.



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