Joy Crookes – Sinatra | New Music



If you aren’t acquainted yet with the female South London based singer, Joy Crookes, now is the time to learn about her and her dreamy new release on Soundcloud, entitled “Sinatra”.


This song has all the right elements, with a charismatic trip hop, alternative sound in it and her seductive soulful vocals.  It is a challenging musical outcome. It is inspired about when you have someone, a boyfriend who shows you that he adores you and can’t live without you, but, in another instance, he truly doesn’t care about you, at least that’s what his behavior seems like.


So this ‘Sinatra Charm’ that he has over you is dangerous and awkward for you.  His behavior as such you eventually have to leave him. Only 17 years old Joy Crookes seems to be older, with this interpretation and vocal performance, and as for the song you should definitely check it out below and just enjoy its astounding music energy!




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