Joya Mooi Returns With Reflective New Single ‘Remember’

Dutch-South African artist Joya Mooi has just dropped her first release of 2021 with her brand new single “Remember”. The song has arrived accompanied by its stunning music video that was directed by Bob Sizoo and Najim Jansen.

Joya Mooi can perfectly blend soul and alternative R&B and has become one of modern soul’s most exciting artists. Her new single “Remember” is following her well-received EP Blossom Carefully which was released last year.

On this new release, we can hear Joya’s sophisticated style and enchanting vocals, she is thinking about the words of wisdom that were shared decades before us. In spite of Joya’s inspiration form the past, the song fells more forward-thinking with a hazy, electronic inspireed soundscap that was provided by Joya’s frequent collaborators Sim Fane and SIROJ.

The video is here to reinforce the pensive feel of the track . In it, we are following Joya in a peaceful coastal setting within Rotterdam’s Maasvlakte before she is duplicated while she is exploring the geometric installation.

About his video, the director, Bob Sizoo, said: “The song looks back at remembering in a general sense. We’ve chosen to shoot at this specific sculpture and location to emphasise on the feeling of being interwoven with your past. Duplicating Joya throughout the video was also a reference to how our memories can take on their own shapes and forms based on our perspectives“.

Joya also explained a little bit more about her song: “When I was writing ‘Remember’ I was thinking a lot about the reckoning that a lot of thinkers, writers go through with their recipients. Thoughts that seemed revolutionary in the past, were hardly actually listened to, and are now part of our collective memory, part of our IG quotes and referred to in pop culture.

I’m intrigued by how works are received, how much our current time dictates to what extent we can listen. I try to hold work I love close…that’s kind of easy. But this song reminds me to be open to any idea, cause even when some things may sound ‘radical’, I might welcome it with open arms in a few years…but it may need attention now“.

Joya Mooi is an artist with thoughful lyrics and with her music she has garnered a lot of support and fans. However, she doesn’t plan to stop here and has already plan to release more music. Joya Mooi is a singer-songwriter that continues to rise with incredible promise.

Watch the video of her latest single “Remember” here:


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