Joya Mooi Unveils Deeply Personal Album ‘The Ease Of Others’ | Music News


The 12-track The Ease Of Others album from Joya Mooi has just been released, including collaborations with Pink, Oculus and DVTCH NORRIS.


Earlier this year, the Amsterdam-born artist unveiled the first single “Rice In Foil” from the LP. A jazz-inflicted R&B jazz track that talks about Joya childhood, when she was the only non-white girl in her class.


The latest album of Mooi lets us discover her personal side with singles like “Don’t Let Me Down” that talks about the passing of her brother. “Been Here” which explains life events such as relationships that don’t go as one expected.


Showing an introspection and self-reflection side, conversations with members of Joya’s family appear between her songs driving her album to a creative process.


As you see, The Ease Of Others is related to the artist’s family history. The album is an amazing personal release that tackles themes of heritage, identity and different relationships during her life.


According to the artist, The Ease Of Others mean to “explore what it means to me to be South African, Dutch, mixed race, with roots shattered all over. On a daily basis I relate differently towards my cultural background, and I wanted to be honest about that”.


Listen to The Ease Of Others below:




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