Joyner Lucas + Chris Brown – I Don’t Die | Music Video

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Joyner Lucas + Chris Brown – I Don’t Die | Music Video


With a collaborative album titled Angels & Demons on the way, the duo of Joyner Lucas and Chris Brown follow up their hugely popular “Stranger Things” with another joint track and video to sink our teeths into before the big release day in the form of “I Don’t Die“.


Chris Brown in recent times has really taken to rapping as another element to his repertoire and this song is no different, as both Brown and Lucas go back and forth with their flows but not without the R&B crooner blessing the hook in a catchy way.


With the visual directed by Ben Proulx and Lucas, Breezy and Joyner are cast as hardline criminals in prison on death row. True to the song’s aptly put title, however, neither artist can die. Being subjected to a manner of different execution methods like lethal injections, gun shots and even an electric chair yet none actually do the job, which makes them become cocky and boastful.




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