Justin Bieber And Skrillex Sued Over ‘Sorry’ | Music News

Justin Bieber, Skrillex


We are sorry to inform you that the mega smash-hit “Sorry” is just a big fat plagiarism.


Sorry, it’s not.


Or maybe it is, considering Justin Bieber and Skrillex have just been sued by White Hinterland over claims they used her vocal loop without permission. The American indie pop singer reported that the duo took the “unique female vocal riff” from her 2014 song “Ring The Bell” and used it for the intro of their collaboration, and then in five other parts of the song.



Listening to White’s song, it’s quite clear that that infectious loop that we grew to love is not Justin’s after all. So we are sorry, but “Sorry” is a plagiarism. Probably not that massive plagiarism, but – especially considering how huge the song has been – it would be fair to pay a genius idea to its right owner.



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