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Over the last four years, Justin Bieber fans had been waiting for a big announcement from the pop star about the long-awaited docuseries titled Justin Beiber: Seasons. The YouTube ‘Original’ platform paid almost $20 million to make sure that mini-documentary series was aired only on YouTube.


The documentary is all about the creation process of his new album called Changes. As the experts admit, it’s the most personal album from the Canadian artist and songwriter. Justin Bieber believes that the new album will change everyone’s mind on him and his lifestyle.


Two days ago, YouTube announced the record-breaking achievement. In an official statement, we read that Justin’s docuseries has broken a few records. Liza Koshy held the previous record until Monday. Liza is the entertainer solely focused on the YouTube platform.


The second season of “Liza On-Demand” had the biggest opening week getting more than 25.4 million views. Justin’s docu-series got more than 32 million views in the first week of the premiere.


In September of 2020, Justin Bieber returns to Canada


In the documentary, Justin Bieber said that he would be touring in 2020. It would be one of the biggest tours in his professional career. While talking with the director of the documentary, Justin Bieber said that he is pleased to return to the home-town and country that raised him.


Justin’s first concert in Canada is scheduled for the 1st of September. Ottawa will be the first to host Justin Bieber’s biggest tour in the last five years, and the Canadian artist will also perform in Montreal, Quebec, and Toronto.


Casino venues in Canada always try to convince the biggest stars to perform there. Justin will be in Canada for three weeks in September. Canadian journalists suggest that Justin Bieber will perform in Canadian Casino in September. Actually Canadian casino venues are very popular among the artists. Casino owners love to throw parties that could give artists a life-long memories.


Justin has already performed in Canadian casino venues in previous years. The songwriter also loves playing poker and roulette. He was spotted in different Las Vegas Casino resorts attending Poker tournaments. Journalists suggest that Casino resorts would be ready to throw the VIP party just for Justin Bieber.


Visiting his home-town for the first time in ages


During the documentary, Justin Bieber and his wife, Hailey, visited his home-town. The artist has shown the apartment where he grew up. Justin mentioned that it was not a good time for him, and it’s really hard to return to that place.


Although his childhood was not good, Justin is very thankful to his neighbours and Canadians in general. He believes that without a neighbour’s love and help, he would not make it big.


YouTube’s lovely star


Justin Bieber was discovered on YouTube. A young Bieber created a YouTube channel in 2007. Justin was performing in front of big crowds in Canada and uploading on YouTube platform. His agent has discovered him on YouTube.


After creating the YouTube ‘Original’ platform in 2016, representatives of the platform were trying to convince Justin about the documentary. Justin Bieber was in the shadows for three years. In 2019, Justin signed a contract with YouTube ‘Originals’ and was paid $20 million for a ten series documentary about the new album.


Justin’s official channel has surpassed 50 million subscribers in December of 2019. As of now, the Canadian artist has the most followed artist channel on YouTube. That was a significant milestone for Bieber, and he tweeted about it.


In the documentary, Justin said that YouTube changed his life and decided to relate his next Album personally to his taste in music. That’s why critics believe that the new album “changes” would be very personal for the artist.


Justin Bieber’s first album in five years


Bieber dropped the new album on the eve of Valentine’s Day. Fans were waiting for this moment for a very long time. Justin was not active for the last five years and the wait was worth it.


Justin Bieber wanted to show the real potential of his voice. Tattoos, bad-boy behaviour, dates, heart-throb looks distracted everyone from one fact – little boy can actually sing. Justin focused more on love, and he has dedicated Album to fans.



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