Justin Lin Picked To Direct ‘Star Trek 3’ | Film News


It’s official, Fast & Furious 6 director, Justin Lin, is set to direct the third installment of the new Star Trek franchise! With J.J Abrams busy with Star Wars and Robert Orci dropping out a few weeks ago, Paramount were searching for a new director to take control and it’s seems they’re quite happy with their choice in Lin. Deadline released the news that Lin would be taking over the role and with his experience in working within a franchise, we’re sure he’s got this down.


While we’re not disappointed with the news, we are actually quite surprised Paramount haven’t gone with a bigger, house-hold name, especially considering they were interested in some big names like The Rise of The Planet of The ApesRupert Wyatt. Still, there’s no doubt that Lin knows his action so we’re sure Star Trek 3 will be packing a punch, but will he be able to deliver on the emotional side and aspects of thoughtful narrative? We’ll have to wait and see.



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