Justin Timberlake – Filthy | Music Video


The first single from the highly hyped Man of the Woods has nothing to do with nature,
Justin Timberlake‘s family or roots, as it was presented in the album’s teaser. “Filthy” is all about future technologies – a filthy dancing robot, to be more specific.


The video sees Justin presenting the robot, as his latest creation, to a cheering crowd at Pan-Asian Deep Learning Conference in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia in the year 2028. “Haters gonna say it’s fake,” he starts the song. Indeed, the new release is already dividing his fans, there are some skeptics.


Justin hides away backstage while his robot performs the song on stage. A group of barely dressed dancers join the performer and entertain the crowd with the show getting more and more filthy. The last scene shows Justin disappearing as he was just a projection, creating a doubt if he was more real than a robot. The clip was directed by the same Mark Romanek, who previously staged Justin’s 2016 hit “Can’t Stop the Feeling“.


Talking about the song, it feels quite robotic itself, with just a little bit of ‘real’ JT left. When announcing the single, Justin instructed that “this song should be played very loud,” and this advice really works – the funky beat and bassline sound like it could force even a robot to dance in reality. Some of the co-writers of the song are Justin’s close collaborators Timbaland and Danja.


Man of the Woods follows the two The 20/20 Experience albums, both released back in 2013. While we wait for the new record, which is expected on February 2, let’s watch its first video:





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