K Camp + Wiz Khalifa – Clouds | Music Video


In July, the HipHop artist had released his new single Clouds in collaboration with Wiz Khalifa. The official music video has now been released in which the two are surrounded by kush clouds and pretty women.


The visuals present a gloomy vibe with slow paced music, however it fits to the song’s content. K Camp sings about a significant other and how deep in his feelings he is: “My head in the clouds every time that I think of you (…) Blue skies and they fallin’ I am not myself around you”.


As the rappers create the clouds with weed smoke they sing about how this significant other makes them feel like the better version of themselves: “Want you to give me your all until there ain’t nothing left (…) Baby every time you see me I look like the better version”.



The music video correlates perfectly with the lines of the track. It immediately pulls the listener into that gloomy vibe, putting us in our feelings too.


K Camp delivered a number of tracks in the first half of 2018. The rapper dropped a five-track EP This Is For You before releasing his latest album RARE Sound which featured the song Clouds.


It is uncertain for now if Camp will be delivering any more masterpieces, but we are curious to see what next dope track Camp will debut.



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