K-Pop Band BTS To Take An ‘Extended’ Break From Performing | Music News

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K-Pop Band BTS To Take An ‘Extended’ Break From Performing | Music News


Huge international sensation BTS is saying bye-bye for a while. The k-most popular K-pop boy band announced they will be taking an “extended” break after their Seoul’s concert last Sunday.


BTS have been gaining millions of followers over the past recent years and has become the first K-pop band to reach the top charts in the UK and US. They have also been the first Korean group to debut at the top of the Billboard Album chart with their internationally acclaimed Love Yourself: Tear.


Since their debut back in 2013, the group has been producing new hits, performing worldwide and recording music videos non-stop and, finally, they will be taking some time off for the first time.


The news was shared through Twitter in a statement from the band management company Big Hit Entertainment, saying the seven members would have a “period of rest and relaxation”, adding that the break would “provide them with a chance to enjoy the ordinary lives of young people in their 20s, albeit briefly”.


The #BTSArmy reaction has been very positive and fans have been very supportive with the band members, posting hundreds and hundreds of messages on their Twitter account. “We are going nowhere and will be here to welcome you back with fanfares!” one fan tweeted to show her faithfulness and support.


Big Hit’s statement didn’t specify when the band will be coming back, but they are scheduled to perform in October in Saudi Arabia and Seoul.



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