Kacey Musgraves – High Horse | Music Video


Step aside Taylor Swift, because there is a new queen of scorny lines.


Country singer Kacey Musgraves, who is currently opening for Harry Styles on his North America tour, dances up a storm in her music video for her single “High Horse“, off her last album Golden Hour, that came out in March.


“High Horse” is a dancy country song that could almost blend into disco territory if it wasn’t for the use of instruments like the mandolin and guitar, that help place the track within the country genre.


Apart from the enjoyable and danceable rhythm, it’s the lyrics that make the song stand out and receive a round of applause for the sassy delivery of some major ‘internet-ready’ punchlines.


If you thought that country singers were all hats and boots, you are in for a good treat this time. Singing about those people “Who thinks they’re cooler than everybody else“, the whole song becomes a big, giant anthem against all those sneaky and arrogant folks, who “kill the buzz” and “think they are John Wayne”.


Taking a page off the Taylor Swift’s black list book, Musgraves does ten times a better job with her clean-cut image that hides far more sardonic and malicious’ punch lines. Probably not having to deal with famous popstars afterwards helps as well.


The video perfectly captures the vibe of the song as it follows Kacey, who works as a secretary for her pretentious boss. Between a lollilop and a coffe, Musgraves switches into blinding disco clothes and has a blast in what looks like a karaoke night where she and her girls are the highlights of the night.


Check out the funny music video below:




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