Kaleem Taylor – Fault | Music Video


British R&B/Soul artist Kaleem Taylor has revealed the emotionally powerful music video to the brilliant track “Fault“. His most recent single, it is taken from his new introspective EP Surface, to much acclaim.


“Fault” is a simple yet powerful confessional, that swings from sparing melancholic piano backing in the verses to full, textured electronic sounds in the chorus by Australian producer Roams. Drawing on the breakdown of a relationship, Taylor croons about what he has learnt from looking back and taking responsibility for his part in the decay of things, after the storm of emotions has passed.


“With time, you grow up and get a better understanding of life and where things could have gone wrong. You don’t always see what’s happening initially.”


A powerful expression of creativity, the video speaks great volumes and draws on the sentiments of the “Faults”. With Mercy Ufot as director, we see our protagonist couple prepping a dilapidated room for some much needed DIY. As the video goes on, we see the room crumble – the metaphorical decay of relationship – surrounding the literal demise of the relationship.



With the amazing reception of “Fault” and previous single “Not Alone” being B-Listed on 1Xtra, Kaleem has been quietly carving out a following. His recent buzz has pushed him to work with boundary-pushing producers such as Snakehips, Shy Luv and The Code. Kaleem has steadily built up a fanbase, been able to travel with his music and has an exciting collection of new music to share.



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