Kama Tala Releases Hopeful New Song ‘Honore’ | Music News


Chicago band Kama Tala have released a new song titled “Honore” that spreads hope and aims to help you remember that no matter how far you are from home, there is always a road that will guide you to get back.


This track is the dose of positive vibes and mental support we need after the tough year we all had and the trials that each of us had to overcome.


“Honore” is Kama Tala’s first single off of their debut album titled Before The Wind. Their music draws inspiration from Soul, Rock, Pop and Jazz to create a unique style demonstrated through “Honore” and the 12-track album, from which they plan to rollout a new single every week.


Speaking about one of their previous releases “The Wayside”, critic Rita Alcott writes, “there is a potent combination of lyrical sophistication and a haunting, yet mesmerizing beauty in The Wayside”.


While Muhammad Masud of Mindcast describe the band as, “Kama Tala has personality – that is part of their undeniable synergy. Before the Wind is a heartfelt musical narrative with soulful vocals. It’s this it’s that – it’s pop it’s rock. But most of all: It’s something new. Kama Tala’s music feels like home”.


Listen to their “Honore” single below:




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