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Kano + Kojo Funds – Pan Fried | New Music

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Kano + Kojo Funds – Pan Fried | New Music


British rapper and actor Kano has released “Pan Fried”, a brand-new single featuring rising star Kojo Funds taken from his upcoming album Hoodies All Summer.


Kane Robinson, best known as Kano, is one of the most iconic contributors to 00’s grime. The 34-year-old rapper made his debut back in 2004, when he released his first single titled “P’s and Q’s”. The track was very acclaimed by the grime community.


Kano then dropped his debut studio album Home Sweet Home, reaching the number 36 spot on the UK Albums Chart. His following albums and singles also gained some recognition in the UK and his 2016’s album Made in the Manor has been critically acclaimed by many music critics.


Now, the rapper is back to smash it once again with his forthcoming album Hoodies All Summer, which is coming out on August 30 on Parlophone. Meanwhile, Kano had already dropped two new singles from the LP, “Trouble” and “Class Of Deja”, and now he has released a third one.


“Pan Fried” is a song about celebration, a dire-circumstances’ downplay. However, an aggressive, dark undertow offsets the track summery vibes, creating an original beats contrast. The song also features Kojo Funds, an afro-pop British artist who adds his unique music style to Kano’s hit.


Listen to Kano’s new single down below:




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