Kanye West Delivers Moving Speech At L.A. Trade Technical College | Inspiration


Kanye West is a man who loves fashion alongside his successful career as a musician and, with that in mind, he was asked to deliver a graduation speech to those who had studied fashion and were leaving L.A. Trade Technical College to go into the real world. He implored all there to never let go of their dreams and to always work towards what they want to do. His speech was delivered movingly as he spoke to the graduates, not as a famous rapper, but merely as someone who was giving these young adults advice on their futures. You can watch his speech below.


It’s a tough world out there. You’re going to prepare yourself for politics, bad bosses, hating employees ,and usually when you’re the absolute best, you get hated on the most. Even for me, as a successful musician, in order to make the transition it was really all but impossible. People always try to box you in to what they know you best for” – Kanye West.




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