Kanye West Describes Daughter North West As His ‘Greatest Inspiration’ | Music News



Speaking to SHOWStudio for an interview during Paris Fashion Week, Kanye West discussed how his daughter North, and family-life in general has changed the way he makes music. “Having a family, period, has made me completely rethink the way I rap… People extend their brand for a long time. There’s true moments of genius, then there are moments of looking through the archives and putting sh*t together… Three years ago, after this interview, I would’ve been on the train back to Paris to see the last of the shows, to get that inspiration. Now, I’m on the first flight home to see my greatest inspiration, that’s my daughter. I just love my family”.


In the same interview, West also stated how he believed his own critically acclaimed My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy (2010) was overrated: “Yeezus and 808 are much stronger. Dark Fantasy to me is… almost like an apology record. Power was the least progressive song that I’ve ever had as a first single”. Check out “Only One” – a song dedicated to North – down below.




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