Kanye West Pays Homage To Pauly Bonomelli | Fashion News

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Kanye West Pays Homage To Pauly Bonomelli | Fashion News

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When Kanye isn’t involved in bizarre spats on Twitter or making outrageous statements about becoming president, he focuses his energy  on looking aesthetically pleasing in an attempt to cover up his less than palatable personality.


Luckily for him, he does this well. It can not be disputed that West has a keen eye for fashion and should therefore come as no surprise that he has been spotted wearing an exclusive piece by up-and-coming Australian designer and artist, Pauly Bonomelli.


According to Highsnobiety, the two time winner of the Most Stylish Man award(according to GQ readers) got in touch with Pauly to create a unique statement item in support of his brand that goes by the name of HI MUM I’M DEAD!. The rapper/fashion designer is such a fan of Bonomelli’s work, he even created his own version- a Life of Pablo signature sheet jacket.


Bonomelli brings back that grungy, rockstar look whilst keeping it original. There is no collection under HI MUM I’M DEAD! as all pieces are one of a kind, however, other items from Pauly’s label include t-shirts, leather jackets and patchwork denim.


To check out Pauly’s clothing artwork, visit his Instagram page here or website.


Pauly Bonomelli

life of pablo

Kanye in a Pauly Bonomelli creation



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