Kanye West Touches Up ‘The Life Of Pablo’ Again | Music News

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Kanye West Touches Up ‘The Life Of Pablo’ Again | Music News

Kanye West 31.03.2016ANDREW


The Life Of Pablo, the seventh album from Kanye West, has received yet another update. In his previous tweaking of the album, West added Sia and Vic Mensa to track, “Wolves”. He also turned the Frank Ocean outro into its own track, titled “Frank’s Track”. He also made small alternations to another track, “Famous”.


Today’s update is more extensive, as twelve of the album’s nineteen tracks have been remixed or contain alternate vocals and lyrics. In addition to altering certain aspects of the album, Kanye has apparently had a change of heart regarding its availability. While he previously said The Life of Pablo would remain exclusive to TIDAL, there are reports that the album is expected to arrive on Spotify, Apple Music, Rhapsody, and Google Play tomorrow (Friday, April 1).


Earlier today, TIDAL sent download links for the album to those who originally pre-ordered it back in February.



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