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Recently, Kanye West has been stirring popularity with the press for his weird and wonderful behaviour, such as jumping on stage to tell everyone he is the reason why Taylor Swift is famous and producing a song called “I Love Kanye”, which is basically an ode to himself.


But the turntables are turning, as it appears that fans of the 2013 Yeezus album are going to be presented with a vinyl record with cover art by an actual artist rather than just the clear case to protect it, such as with the original delivery of the album in its hard copy.


The Glasgow based label, Lucky Me, has released a prototype of what the vinyl could look like to the public, which is a classier carbon copy of the original, except with glass inserts concealing prints created by photographer, Nick Knight.


We cannot expect much more from Kanye on the CD front however, as after his 2016 release of The Life of Pablo, Kanye announced that the simplistic packaging to Yeezus was the ‘open casket to CDs’ and that from now on his work will only be available to stream.


So if you want to bag a final chance to hold a Kanye record or CD in your hand, then you should not waste any time when the vinyl is released to the public.



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