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Kapil Seshasayee – The Item Girl | New Music


Kapil Seshasayee is a blend between art rock and Indian classic. This musician and visual artist based in Glasgow released in 2018, a multi-acclaimed debut LP titled A Sacred Bore. As proof of his success, his album has been featured in Pitchfork, Vice, Rolling Stone India, The Guardian,The New Indian Express, BBC Radio Scotland and more.


Also, it has been inducted into the Sound & Moving Imagine exhibit of the British Library.


His favorite subject is to denounce oppression within the Indian caste system both in India and in diaspora. But he did it in music with a kind of experimental roots.


After touring for his debut album, he’s back with a new track from his upcoming second album. And this time he has chosen to focus on the Bollywood film industry.


Every song from the album is going to tell a story about Bollywood… what’s not immediately visible. I want those stories to illuminate things that people aren’t thinking about and empower those who live these stories”.


For his new creations, Kapi has shifted away toward a Psychedelic crossover of R&B and Avant Indian Classical. Titled “The Item Girl”, it’s a hypnotic electronic showing his string-pulling skills. We can’t really put him in a box. What he does is quite unique and blends so many different genres. Electro Pop, contemporary R&B, catchy hook without forgetting rhythmic vibes featuring clever lyrics.


In it, he denounced the archaic sexism in Bollywood films which impacts Indian culture.


“The film industry is a prominent vehicle for these songs, and when you see songs with a preoccupation with caste supremacy in their choruses and song titles charting so highly in the west among the diaspora here – it’s no surprise that their negative cultural influence is spread along with it”.


Listen to “The Item Girl” here:




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