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As well as releasing four albums and being nominated for a grammy three times, frontwoman Karen O is not only Queen of Yeah Yeah Yeahs, but has also been crowned Queen of Covers. This is due to her track record of reworking Led Zeppelin‘s rocking “Immigarant song” in The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo, Daniel Johnston’s “Worried Shoes” for Where The Wild Things Are, Alan Wade’s silly “If You’re Gonna Be Dumb” for Jackass 3D and now takes on an Animotion‘s classic.


Karen O’s cover of 80s pop tune “Obsession”, acts as the title theme for upcoming drama Flesh and Bone, premiering on November 8. The original 80s fun-pop soul is twisted in such a way by the New York vocalist, it produces an eerie outcome. The haunting nature of the track works harmoniously alongside the slow-mo dancers swaying away.  Click below to hear her fantastic cover:




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