Karl Pilkington Is Back For ‘The Moaning Of Life 2’ | TV Trailer


Ever since he first appeared in Ricky GervaisAn Idiot Abroad, it’s hard to find someone who hasn’t fallen in love with the always grumpy and sometimes dim witted Karl Pilkington. The premise of Pilkington’s stand alone show The Moaning of Life, which broadcast it’s first season in 2013 on Sky 1, is for Pilkington to visit different cultures in order to gain a better understanding of the different meanings of life. The highly successful first season saw him explore the topics of marriage, happiness, kids, money and death.


This trailer for the second series shows Pilkington exploring some unique lifestyles which have been prominent in the media recently. We see Karl practicing the art of ‘vomit painting’ as made famous by Millie Brown who appeared in a Lady Gaga video, as well as experiencing what it’s like to be a ‘living doll’ stepping into a rubber body suit. It seems this second series will bring just as many bizarre situations for our viewing pleasure, with Karl’s moaning guiding us through his new experiences. The Moaning of Life 2 is set to air on Sky 1 in the autumn.




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