Karlie Kloss Launches YouTube Vlog Channel ‘Klossy’ | Fashion News


While at the same time being devastatingly gorgeous, Karlie Kloss has shocked us all once again by adding Vlogger to her endless lists of accomplishments. Everything from model, student to entrepreneur, Karlie is definitely someone to watch, as she continues to impress us all with her many jobs and skills. Yesterday she started her own YouTube channel, that will give everyone a better insight into her day to day antics.


Only recently having been accepted into NYU, expect to see a side of her life that’s completely normal, while also getting a look into some of her more extravagant and exciting adventures, like walking the catwalk or walking the stage with her BFF Taylor Swift. Karlie says, “I’ve spent the majority of my life in front of the camera, but not my camera“. This will be an interesting vlog to follow, as it will give a perspective very few get the chance to really see, and who better for her to share it with than all of the world?




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