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Kate Winslet Has An Important Message For Young Girls | Film News



It’s easy to forget that our favourite celebrities don’t wake up looking poised and elegant. When you’re constantly bombarded with photos of blemish-free and slimmed down women, it’s easy to forget that these pictures are mere illusions. These images can have a devastating effect on a young girl’s fragile self-esteem. Teenagers experience enough insecurities as it is, and these images only add to their heavy burden.


It’s always comforting to hear other women bravely open up and reflect on their troubles with body image. It makes you feel less alone in your struggle and pain. Kate Winslet is one of these influential and brave women, and she never strays from promoting body positivity. In an interview with CBS Sunday Morning, which will air on January 3 on CBS in the US, Winslet once again touched upon the subject and opened up about being bullied as a child.


“I was teased for how I looked. In part, yeah, because I was quite stocky as a child. And I was very much teased for that”. As an adult, Winslet has made it her mission to reinforce body positivity and help others build self-esteem. “You know, we walk down red carpets. You know, it’s part of the job. But I think I feel very strongly that it’s important to also say to young girls that we don’t look like that all the time”.


It’s refreshing to see Winslet keeping it real amidst a world of photoshopped images and unrealistic and unhealthy beauty standards. These days, Winslet is staying true to herself and embracing her natural beauty. “I even do the school run in my dressing gown, bathrobe,” she admitted. “And pyjamas. Yup, absolutely”. I love it; it’s such an important message to young girls everywhere. It’s wonderful seeing her use her platform to shed light on a issue that effects so many people around the globe.



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