KAWALA – Moonlight | New Music


Making a long-awaited return are indie two piece band KAWALA who have just announced the release of their brand new single “Moonlight“, Serving as the follow-up to their compelling debut EP D.I.L.Y.D.


Harmonious, lilting vocals abound in this joyous new single. “Moonlight” is a beautifully hip, twilight jammer that documents a considerable step-up for KAWALA in their overall artistry with the addition of a narrative nous. An infectious, absorbing return, there is a level of depth as the band reflect on the notion of mental health while subverting from the bleakness that these sorts of tales tend to bring.


Speaking about “Moonlight” KAWALA explain: “Writing ‘Moonlight‘ was really the first time we’ve set our main focus on a story-telling lyric and consistent harmonies over rhythms and instrumentation. We’ve tried to balance a super chilled feel with a heart-warming positivity, while taking you on a persons’ journey in search for an escape from their mental demons.”




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