Kazakhastan Creates Native Version Of ‘Game of Thrones’ | TV News



The success of HBO’s Game of Thrones has prompted Kazakhstan to create its own version of the show, plotting the events leading up to the creation of the first Kazakh Khanate in 1465 in a colourful Game of Thrones-style TV series that aims to bring to life the birth of the Kazakh state as the Mongolian Empire collapsed.


The ten-part series will be directed by Rustem Abdrashev, the Kazakh Government hoping to challenge Russian sneering and Hollywood mockery – seen most pointedly in Borat – in the making of the series.


“The history of my country and the history of my people and how it was born isn’t simply important but also topical,” Abdrashev said in a statement, adding; “For the next generation, this will be a good example for imitation and for awareness.”



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