Keanu Reeves Joins The Cast Of ‘Toy Story 4’ | Film News


The teaser for Toy Story 4 dropped last week and featured a somewhat strange slow-motion re-introduction of the toys we know and love, plus the reveal of a new character, but perhaps the more surprising news arrived this week, when we learned that Keanu Reeves has joined the cast of the film.


Tim Allen, who plays Buzz Lightyear, first mentioned the addition of Reeves during his appearance on The Tonight Show. He was cryptic about the character Reeves will portray, but it was implied that Reeves’ toy will have an intense personality, similar to his recent famous role in the John Wick movies.


This will mark a departure from Reeves’ usual work. Although an underrated, versatile actor, he’s best known for leading big blockbusters such as The Matrix and Speed. In fact, in his 20-plus year career, Reeves has never appeared in a big-studio animated film.


Allen mentioned that Reeves initially thought that his character felt too much like Buzz Lightyear, so they “calmed him down a little bit”. With the classic original cast returning, plus the additions of Reeves as well as Keegan Michael-Key and Jordan Peele, Toy Story 4 is shaping up to comfortably be the biggest movie in the series.


The film hits cinemas June 21, 2019.



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