Ken Jeong Joins Ice Cube & Kevin Hart For ‘Ride Along 2′ | Film News

‘Ride Along 2’ enlist comedic actor Ken Jeong


Comedic actor Ken Jeong has joined the cast of Ride Along 2. The first film showed law enforcement officer Ice Cube team up with his younger sister’s partner Kevin Hart, while Ice Cube provided the action, Hart gave the viewers the comedy. Tika Sumpter played the role of Ice Cube’s younger sister in the film and will return in the sequel. Actors Olivia Munn and Benjamin Bratt have also joined the cast. Jeong has starred in films such as Knocked Up and The Hangover which gave Jeong his break. Tim Story will return to direct the upcoming sequel, which will be released in the US on the 15th of January 2016 with no UK release date yet confirmed.



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