Ken Loach Joins In Critique Against ‘Market Exercise’ Superhero Movies | Film News


British director Ken Loach doesn’t want to be heard only with the strong messages of his movies: in fact it didn’t take long before he took part in the Marvel movie debate. Among the first who started speaking out against this kind of ‘Superhero Films’ have been two giants of the cinema world, in particular: Martin Scorsese and Francis Ford Coppola.


Indeed, the first one branded them as “not cinema”, but “theme parks” instead. At the same time, Coppola went even further, by calling them “despicable”. In the same vein as his colleagues, Ken Loach didn’t waste himself with the critiques, defining this kind of directing, in a more cynical way, as “market exercise to make profits for corporations“.


He made clear his position during an interview with Sky, to present his latest movie Sorry We Missed You. As he said: “I find them boring. They’re made as commodities. It has nothing to do with the art of cinema.”. It is reasonable that such types of movies has touched the director in this way, since he always tried to make his movies a tool in order to denounce injustice and exploitations of British society.


Moreover, particularly with his movie Sorry We Missed You which will soon be out in cinemas, he has delivered another relevant effort in transmitting the message of critique about the realities he reports on the screen. The difference between his films and a Marvel movie makes itself heard strongly, on this point.



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