Ken Morley Is Second House Mate To Get Booted Out Of ‘Celebrity Big Brother’ House | TV News


Reality shows like Big Brother are known for their controversial, supposedly entertaining, footage and when a ‘celebrity’ version is screened, it sends fans into a frenzy. This year has been no different and during Saturday’s episode, one housemate had already been removed by Big Brother. 34 year old Jeremy Jackson was told to leave the celebrity house after behaving extremely inappropriately towards fellow house mate and reality television star, Chloe Goodman.


Jackson was intoxicated, vomiting in the bathroom when he exposed a nude Goodman while opening up her dressing gown. All audiences could hear was Goodman saying; “That’s not OK, I’m leaving now”, before leaving the bathroom in tears, continuing to explain; “He went to my dressing gown top and put my boob out”. Show producers organised to have Jackson sleep in another room for that night, explaining that his actions were “wholly unacceptable”. Jackson attempted to explain his behavior, deeming it “silly, bold and dumb“, before being told to leave the house.


Well, it seems Jackson isnt the only celeb who has been asked to leave the house as news broke out that former Coronation Streetactor Ken Morley, has also been asked to leave due to continuing  “offensive behavior”, despite being given a formal warning previously. During his short time in the house, Morley has shown behavior of both sexism and racism, leading to 223 complaints to Ofcom, including his disturbing and degrading comments on women and completely unacceptable behavior and comments towards R&B singer Alexander O’Neal.


BBC News confirmed that Morley has been told to leave the house and continued to mention; “Tuesday’s eviction is now cancelled and lines are now closed. Anyone who has already voted will be able to apply for a full refund and details will be available on the Big Brother website within 24 hours”.


Source: BBC News



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